Group tickets

Travel cheaply as a group

Are you planning an excursion with your class? In order for you to travel safely and reliably, timely registration of the group is required: at least 7 working days, if possible even two weeks, before your planned excursion date. If demand is high, we may be able to strengthen the train with a second train section, depending on the operating situation. For groups whose size exceeds 49 persons (Oberland, Ammersee-Altmühltal, Ostallgäu-Lechfeld networks: 24 persons), registration is required for the scheduling of train capacities.
Please note that a confirmation of registration is unfortunately not associated with a guarantee of a transport.

Registration is very simple:

  • by telephone to the service hotline: 08024 997171*
  • by e-mail to
  • in person at one of our customer centres

We will make you an individual offer with the best train connections - if capacity permits.

Please note that we can only transport a maximum of two school classes on one train connection and that bicycle groups cannot generally be booked.

The group trip - particularly inexpensive

If you register, your excursion can be even cheaper. From a group size of at least six people, you will receive a 50 percent discount on the regular fare.